Best Opossum Baits

Opossums are from the family of kangaroos, meaning that they have pouches in their abdomen to carry their young ones. They can be a real nuisance if it's your house they have taken a liking to. They are scavengers and the least picky eaters you will find. That said this attribute is what‘s most frustrating about them. They will consistently help themselves to your garbage cans. Fill themselves up from the pet food for your pet.  But they do everything on high alert. You can say that possums are not the most courageous of animals. So the above mentioned has been happening to you, and you are determined to deal with it. You have traps ready but why would it go into an empty trap. Unless of course it's like us humans and likes to meddle in everything. You need bait.

How to choose your bait
Generally, any bait might work. This friend of our can eat almost anything considered food. But it's still better to have more knowledge on the subject and do things calculatedly. After all, there is a thing called efficiency. Possums have a great sense of smell so try to go for bait with some smell. Foods that can be smelled from some distance tend to work well. Here even meat in its early rotting stages is a good deal effective. Some baits are available on the market that claims to be specifically for possums but has yet to prove their worth. Most people don't even use them.

We all know that fish are smelly. Put some fish in a room, and you can smell the stench even outside of the room. But when baiting possums this is the greatest weapon in our arsenal. Tinned sardines and tuna are a great choice.

Canned Pet food
Canned pet food is another great choice from the stinky arsenal. The best way to use it is wet and not dry. That is when it's most smelly. Pet food might also be the real reason those stinky possums tried for your house. But be cautious as stray animals and pets might also get tangled in the process.

Opossum's first and foremost food preference are fruits. Fruits range from smelly to those with sweet scents. And the animal is sure to come for it. From past user experience apples and oranges gave somehow proved to best most efficient in luring opossums into traps.

Baiting tips
Even the best bait is more or less useless if used incorrectly. The most effective way to apply bait is to put some of it inside the trap and create a small trail of the bait leading to the trap. Try to spread it out. Apply bait in on and around the trap. If it is in only one place, the "had to be a victim" could eat it and be gone without even triggering the trap.

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